JH All-Region Band

JH All-Region Band
On Tuesday, December 4th, students from Isbill Jr. High competed for a place on the All-Region Band.  The contest was held at Robinson ISD.  Forty-three Isbill students competed and thirty-five of those students earned a spot in the All-Region Band.  Congratulations to these students on a job well done!

AJ Jimenez - 1st chair Robinson Band
John Whiteside - 3rd chair Robinson Band
Will Aaron - 5th chair Robinson Band
Elias Espinoza - 1st chair tuba Robinson Band
Rafael Torres - 1st chair Concert Band
Diego Arceo - 1st Alternate
Mollye King - 3rd chair French Horn Robinson Band
Estrella Ruiz - 6th chair Robinson Band
Nick Whiteside - 7th chair Robinson Band
Aaron Olvera - 2nd chair Concert Band
Braydon Patterson - 7th chair Robinson Band
Elian Martinez - 1st chair Concert Band
Rejino Lopez - 3rd chair Concert Band
Leila Hogan - 6th chair Concert Band
Carson Hamilton - 2nd alternate
Cori Taylor - 1st chair Robinson Band
Rylee Moran - 3rd chair concert band
Dalton Martin - 2nd chair Robinson BAnd
Zion Aviles - 3rd chair Robinson Band
Anthony Pantoja - 9th chair Robinson Band
Lena Lane - 10th Chair Robinson Band
Jamilet Hernandez - 1st alternate
Frank Cruz - 5th chair Robinson Band
Galilea Delgado - 14th chair Robinson Band
Xiomara Pimentel - 17th chair Robinson band
Elia Salas - 1st chair Robinson Band
Madelynn Denn - 3rd Chair Robinson Band
Leo Torres - 4th chair Robinson Band
Bryan Santander - 7th chair Robinson Band
Kyndall Houchin - 12th Chair Robinson Band
Jayden Benitez - 13th Chair Robinson Band
Jasmine Simmons - 4th Chair Concert Band
Kaydence Burson - 9th Chair Concert band
Trinity Brown - 2nd alternate
Diana Espinoza - 4th chair Robinson Band
Kaylee George - 5th Robinson Band
Kaya Kinslow - 10th chair Robinson Band
Marializ Rebollar - 1st chair concert band
Maribel Mora - 5th chair concert band
McKenna Oxford - 2nd alternate